Native Americans

North America

“All nations will come and worship before you."

- Revelation 15:4

Approximately 22% of Native Americans live on tribal lands or reservations. Living conditions on the reservations are sometimes comparable to Third World countries with employment, education, housing, health, alcoholism being a few social issues faced on reservations.

Besides residing on reservations, large numbers of Native Americans have migrated to metro areas. Approximately 70% of Native Americans live in metro areas. Metro areas with significant Native American populations include Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, and Rapid City.

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*Native Americans consists of American Indians and Alaska Natives (NAIA) as defined by the US Census Bureau, which constitutes the North American Indigenous (C0154) and Inuit (C0097) People Group Clusters.

People Group Highlights

North America

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PG Name Country Of Birth IMB Affinity Group Affinity Bloc Primary Religion Population Total
AtikamekwCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity5,365
Carrier, BabineCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic3,000
CarrierCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic2,700
ChilcotinCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity2,500
Chippewa, Eastern Ojibwa SpeakingCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity31,500
ComoxCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic1,200
Cree, Eastern CoastalCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity7,600
GitxsanCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity13,000
HaislaCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity1,700
HalkomelemCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity9,700
HeiltsukCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity1,870
Cree, Inland EasternCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity2,900
Innu MontaganisCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic22,000
InuitCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic36,000
KaskaCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic1,200
KitimaatCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity225
LillooetCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic6,670
MétisCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity447,655
Cree, MooseCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity5,300
NaskapiCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity1,627
Nass-GitksianCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity6,500
Chippewa, Northwestern OjibwaCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity23,500
Ntlakyapamuk ThompsonCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Anglican4,100
Chippewa, Western OjibwaCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity7,440
Ojibwa SevernCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Anglican12,000
PentlatchCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesEthnic Religions60
SarsiCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity700
ShuswapCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 7,700
SquamishCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 2,700
StoneyCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 2,070
Cree, SwampyCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity5,300
TagishCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 400
TahitanCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 1,100
Tinne SlaveyCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 7,000
TsattineCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 750
TutchoneCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American Peoples 2,100
West Coast NootkaCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity7,800
Western Inuit CanadiansCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity425
Cree, WoodsCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity63,000
ChipewyanCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesEthnic Religions6,900
Carrier, SouthernCanadaAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic600
CherokeeUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesEthnic Religions310,000
NavahoUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesEthnic Religions304,122
Dakota, SiouxUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesEthnic Religions123,908
ChippewaUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Roman Catholic114,020
ChoctawUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity87,895
Creek, MuskogeeUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity69,200
LumbeeUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity - Protestant68,773
Cree, WesternUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity30,500
Blackfoot, SiksikaUnited StatesAmerican PeoplesNorth American PeoplesChristianity25,520
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"After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb."
(Revelation 7:9, NIV)
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